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Thursday, August 31, 2006

inside / outside

after being on the road and doing some things on our way to linz we put all stuff to a gallery ... this is, what I like: switching positions.

but most of all I like developing some ideas for being at the track or in the city ... in public space.

on the other hand exhibitions like that are a good reason for reflexion.

on this image you can find some elements created for the way to istanbul ...

next steps

sorry for the delay, folks!

I have been on the road and did my *layer for linz*.

it is pointing at istanbul.

I did different actions. one of it was to carry out the theme *memory / truth / vision*. here is a part of it:

and some sessions with the *mask*, I will bring to istanbul ...

moving / travelling

I used this *zastava crvena* as a metaphor of movement. a minimum on technics + stuff, but 4 people can travel with it.

martin hofbauer did me the favor to leave an interpration of this zastava by the route we took ...

coming soon in EXOCiTi

EXOCiTi Opens on 6th September!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2 other ideas form amirali

to Martin
Here is an instruction about How to make an Exo bird (an exotic bird ) ,from some color squares/pixels in few steps!
+) Transform them!
+) apply some deformation!
+) align them in the middle of the page!
+) then align them in the center!
+) add some typography if its needed!
CC to Ovul may be these are useful for fanzine too!I'm sending it to you by email!

an ugly attempt to make a diwani "Exociti logo"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

mattia parlangeli (favorable climate) /adnan yıldız (a very beautiful miracle)

adnan yıldız / a very beautiful miracle

"anywhere that anybody lives is not only nature anymore. it is human nature anymore. human condition. zone of possibilities."

mattia parlangeli/ Favorable Climante

"An ecosystem of anthropic origin presents various environmental systemthat stretch out not to take advantage connections,in the time the original forms reduce themselves considerablefor give space to the alien species colonizers,which, put in by the man, they can later time able to become wild.In a journey between two anthropic ecosystems,putting the closer east to the west, in a territorial phase of fragility,"Favorable climate" and its project of distribution urge to think if exoticism and prejudiceswill continue to be such also opposite to a possible expansive changing.Istanbul will lose the prejudices or the exotic fantasies of town in front of its exapansive aims?"

Saturday, August 26, 2006

h.c.strache, leader of the fpoe (it´s the austrian right-wing party) made a song (sung by himself) downloadable from the website; it´s full of prejudices and not-well-hidden racism. so i decided to made an animation video out of it... well, voilá, here it is.
the strache-song is named "oesterreich zuerst" ("austria first").

strache uses slogans as "no tax-money for turkish tents", "social state - not immigration" or "pummerin - not muezzin" and so on for his election campaign. ("pummerin" is the legendary bell in the clocktower of the cathedral of st. stefan, vienna)...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Diwani outline

During my trip to Istanbul I realised that one of the artworks/handcrafts/souvenirs which tourists take/buy/consume in Istanbul is Diwani calligraphy which is a branch of Arabic/Persian calligraphy, & unfortunately lost of people can't read it any more because the official alphabet change in the turkey history & perhaps the change of education system ( may be after the fall of Ottoman empire! am I right?)
here is my attempt to copy the name of exociti in Persian with a bit of Diwani calligraphic seasonings vs Graffiti spray paint!
I know It might look terrible now but I'll keep practicing!

A found image over the web:

calligarphic outline

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

poster... :-)

for you, martin:

Monday, August 14, 2006


[I could not resist ... but I tried. ;-)) martin]

cover your eyes

this is a sketch of the MASK, which joerg will develop in a fine style. my version ist just to demonstrate how it works.

it will be online for download and printouts on din a4-paper. the coloured area is to be cut out to show a part of the FACE. (but NO holes for the eyes!)

in version two it can be used as STENCIL. (well, you know, what to cut out for that ...)


alternative cover

I like this special pattern very much, that sign of warning: yellow + black stripes.

most I use cardboard with that pattern as you get it in shops. but it can also be produced with a bubble-printer. black colur on yellow 160 g/m2-paper works very well.

It can be used as shown or be combined with the masek ...


Sunday, August 13, 2006

useful tool

i´ve found a ery useful tool to print posters; it´s freeware and downloadable from my site posteriza.exe

with this application you´ll be able to print a huge poster via your default printer (or copy machine) by separating it into DinA4-pages (the posteriza program will allow you to correctly put them together by definig exact connections).

have fun.


best practice?

on the other hand:
does practizing art make us able to read codes beyond the codes of our own everyday life?

are people like us in a better condition?

or is there a kind of *master-code*, we learn by making estecial experience????


visible, obvious, underground ...

amirali wrote:

>>during my previous visit, Istanbul was the city of the contrast too,as I was watching all of the WEST icons & representations while seeing all this old buildings & reliefs from the Ottoman era which most of them are poems written in Farsi ( Persian ); but I believe its much more understandable for than you because I live in another high contrast city which has many of this features, but its totally underground!!<<

I ask:
is this something special in these regions?

isn't it a basic situation in every city? but! what about the differences?

I remember visiting st. petersburg (russia). huh! I did not see, what I saw.

what I mean:
unknown codes. chiffres, I could not read, by looking in the eyes of their people. and by scanning the walls of this huge city ...


[*wild boy*, poet in st. petersburg]

transit zones

so as a next aspect:
relation between private and public space ... and: power of definition.

who has permission to design the SURFACE of public space?

who decides about the messages there?

well, one version to deal with that is the definition of TRANSIT ZONES ... temporary properties ... also dedicated to the physical presence of certain persons ...

this example was realized on a path to KALEMEGDAN, the fortress over BEOGRAD, osmans and habsburgers fought some battles for ...


some more of these scenes:

scenes now and then ...

there is another aspect, I find intersting. the developing (and history) of media-types and -genres. the ways of use.

about hundred years ago there were no compact-cameras. most foto-shootings happened in studios.

it was business as usual, to create scenes like those, amirali provided now. the reasons are different of course. but the action is similar.

its fascinating for me to get in touch with such procedures, referring on earlier media-situations.

see the foto from my family in 9 / 9 / 1886. right. more then hundred years old. check the background!



amirali sent those two images, based on a very fine idea:

>>The other idea is to prepare 3 different backgrounds for a shooting session in the city,one of them is a view of Istanbul The others are taken from east and west !! so every participant can choose a background for him/her self! (for example choosing your desired background between istanbul , new york & Taj mahal or a religious place in Iran<<

I like this apporach as
+) dealing with concepts of private and public space
+) as a matter of physical presence with physical items ...

you might know computer-aided effects like blue box and so on. so I like the idea of creating images by using that ANALOGUE stuff ...


Saturday, August 12, 2006


this is what serbian people say to cheer and drink: shiveli.

as moslem might stay away from booze:
are there any similar rituals?

this image shows a scene in novi beograd ... as the third of three steps. you find them here:

this is about the way down south along a rout: vienna - beograd - istanbul.

would it be possible to imitate this scene on other places?


krusche in disguise ...

well, I got to manage the team-status. or will ovul have to?


I opened my blog:

you find THREE subjects there:
+) for debate
+) as coming images (stencils)

for the istanbul-sessions ...


Friday, August 11, 2006

stencil: how to misinterprete turkey (vogeltanz)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

may the world be turk (hale tenger)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

who asks who who the hell who is

“Pardon, Siz Kimsiniz?” is a statement project to be publicly distributed in the form of a poster/ banner/ sticker/ advert in the midst of the city, aiming to attract and catch the public/ the citizen and keep direct verbal contact. Another channel to reach for interest and awareness among public with the catch phrase is to broadcast it on TV, and use sources of media and press.

The statement in Turkish – meaning “Pardon, Who Are You?”- , addresses the passer-by or the audience with questioning of identity. Not defining the subject, the question neutrally positions the reader to a distance; whether not giving the answer nor positioning anyone on reason. The motive of the project is to raise such question without proposing an ideal state of being, a state of belonging; neither concerns to create an ego nor impose an identity. The question most should be visible for public/personal opinion and positioning.

Channeling the project through mediums of media/press, the project favors to create platforms for feedback to use in post production and documenting. While in the cityscape, it seeks a random response from the casual observer.

* The statement will remain Turkish during the realization of the project outside Turkey.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paper doll No.1 by (amirali)

Friday, August 04, 2006

this is not the one (2) / (vogeltanz)

this is not the one (1) / (vogeltanz)

this is not a civilized man (vogeltanz)

this is not an uncivilized man (vogeltanz)

this is not (vogeltanz)

this is not an airplane (vogeltanz):

subverting a cliche image to something real

and so on...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

stencil/poster outline #4 (vogeltanz)

stencil/poster outline #3 (vogeltanz)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

stencil / poster outline #2 (vogeltanz)

stencil / poster outline #1 (vogeltanz)

the presence of coca cola and macDonalds does not change a sovereign country into a federal us-state. or does it..?

What does west do to the eastern motifs!!

Turning a bird into an ash-tray for Winston cigarettes ! A found object in a cafe in Niavaran Palace, north of tehran! Unfortunately it's a un-polished poor copy of a valuable original made in the middle east, then they've mass-produced it then they've painted it in gold!
I think it's a good image for a poster...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stewed tea / Tea bag pairs of Stickers by AMIRALI