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Sunday, August 13, 2006

visible, obvious, underground ...

amirali wrote:

>>during my previous visit, Istanbul was the city of the contrast too,as I was watching all of the WEST icons & representations while seeing all this old buildings & reliefs from the Ottoman era which most of them are poems written in Farsi ( Persian ); but I believe its much more understandable for than you because I live in another high contrast city which has many of this features, but its totally underground!!<<

I ask:
is this something special in these regions?

isn't it a basic situation in every city? but! what about the differences?

I remember visiting st. petersburg (russia). huh! I did not see, what I saw.

what I mean:
unknown codes. chiffres, I could not read, by looking in the eyes of their people. and by scanning the walls of this huge city ...


[*wild boy*, poet in st. petersburg]


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