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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2 other ideas form amirali

to Martin
Here is an instruction about How to make an Exo bird (an exotic bird ) ,from some color squares/pixels in few steps!
+) Transform them!
+) apply some deformation!
+) align them in the middle of the page!
+) then align them in the center!
+) add some typography if its needed!
CC to Ovul may be these are useful for fanzine too!I'm sending it to you by email!

an ugly attempt to make a diwani "Exociti logo"


Blogger der krusche said...

great! thanx, amirali!

I like this contribution very much and will carry it on in a way ... Is very inspiring for my work *next code*.

I got to think more about a kind / way of EXCHANGE ...

of course thta BREAKS a code, cause ccode is based on CONVENTIONS.

I just FEEL, but dont KNOW where the leads. I think, you could know that strange situation ... if you know, you got to SEARCH for something, that lays before you, but you cannot see in the moment.

that is, what your *bird* caused ...


1:03 PM  

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