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Sunday, August 27, 2006

mattia parlangeli (favorable climate) /adnan yıldız (a very beautiful miracle)

adnan yıldız / a very beautiful miracle

"anywhere that anybody lives is not only nature anymore. it is human nature anymore. human condition. zone of possibilities."

mattia parlangeli/ Favorable Climante

"An ecosystem of anthropic origin presents various environmental systemthat stretch out not to take advantage connections,in the time the original forms reduce themselves considerablefor give space to the alien species colonizers,which, put in by the man, they can later time able to become wild.In a journey between two anthropic ecosystems,putting the closer east to the west, in a territorial phase of fragility,"Favorable climate" and its project of distribution urge to think if exoticism and prejudiceswill continue to be such also opposite to a possible expansive changing.Istanbul will lose the prejudices or the exotic fantasies of town in front of its exapansive aims?"


Blogger mixi980 said...

siete veramente bravi...
queste foto sono molto particolari

6:22 AM  

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