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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

who asks who who the hell who is

“Pardon, Siz Kimsiniz?” is a statement project to be publicly distributed in the form of a poster/ banner/ sticker/ advert in the midst of the city, aiming to attract and catch the public/ the citizen and keep direct verbal contact. Another channel to reach for interest and awareness among public with the catch phrase is to broadcast it on TV, and use sources of media and press.

The statement in Turkish – meaning “Pardon, Who Are You?”- , addresses the passer-by or the audience with questioning of identity. Not defining the subject, the question neutrally positions the reader to a distance; whether not giving the answer nor positioning anyone on reason. The motive of the project is to raise such question without proposing an ideal state of being, a state of belonging; neither concerns to create an ego nor impose an identity. The question most should be visible for public/personal opinion and positioning.

Channeling the project through mediums of media/press, the project favors to create platforms for feedback to use in post production and documenting. While in the cityscape, it seeks a random response from the casual observer.

* The statement will remain Turkish during the realization of the project outside Turkey.



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