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Saturday, September 16, 2006

clash? what clash!

you read about the bishop of rome and *president* oft vatican?

the pope gave a new example, how to raise a fire.

so this is also, what we were talking about. because!

this is NO clash of civilications. this aint no *war of cultures*.

it is a war AGAINST cultures, driven by angry OLD men, using angry young men as tools.

in fact the essence of cultures menas:
+) contrast
+) exchange
+) being different
+) sharing interests

humiliating muslims is a simple act of provocation, I see theses angry old men crying for the days of cold war, when the world seemed to be easy:
+) west = good
+) east = bad

as I said in istanbul:
my work as an artist is no tool for propaganda.

but my experience with reason, reflexion and response by prcticing fine arts makes me stand against these old men.

as we all should. not accepting the idea of a *war of cultures*. demanding the contrast and being different ...



Blogger Amirali Ghasemi said...

I'm with you commander!
Ready for action!

9:21 AM  

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