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Thursday, September 14, 2006

the austrian way

we were talking about what art can do for the situations ...

and I said:
I would not make my work as an artist a tool of propaganda. BUT! I will use the comptetences, I gained practicing art, to be present as a political person.

this means especially:
dont leave the public opinion and public discourses to professionals and ... to the RICH!

I give you a nice example out of the days I spent with you in istanbul:

christine lugner, called „mausi“ = mousie, proclaimed:

+) "Kebabstuben sind der Kulturverfall Österreichs."
+) "Ich will nicht, daß meine Tochter Serbokroatisch lernt."

that means:
+) „kebab-shacks are a degenartion of austrian’s culture.“
+) „I don’t want my daughter to learn the serbo-croatian language.“

who is „mousie“ lugner?
the third or fourth wife of building tycoon richard lugner.
they both founded the political party „DU“ = „Die Unabhaengigen“ („The Independent“).

richard lugner made a lot of money with building shopping malls, garages, cinemas and ... MOSQUES!

you can see some of his business there:

mousie lugner is well known for extensive shopping, esthetic surgery and public quarreling with her husband.

her xenophobia could be okay as a privat situation. but she promotes it as a political attitude.

and here comes the best:
she exploits what she hates and defames ... making money by commercializing „the orient“.

the „Mausi Markt“ is built like a wet commercial dream of the orient:

any comment?

it's done like we austrians did it at the end of the 19th century.



Blogger ovul said...

just hits the point, what can i say...


5:59 AM  
Blogger der krusche said...

it's so strange. one of the richrst counties of the world. democracy since 60 years. and the backlash to a pre-fashitic-standard ... well: in continuity of attitudes since the late 19th century.

so I think, this could mean on our debate: we all have to talk about IDENTITY.

we have to talk about roots, history and what wi think about their MEANING today.

so in a way its very interesting: who are we? this is not only the question for turkey.

its about whole europe too.


7:38 AM  

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